Winter Weather Cautions

I woke up this morning to a surprise!  Yesterday’s rainy, nasty weather left me icy steps.  My gutter drips right onto the outside staircase and it freezes up.  Now, for me I can quickly side step the slippery spot but my dad doesn’t move as fast and he could have been hurt on those steps.

This lead me to want to remind our readers that the onset of winter weather is going to require some extra attention.  It is time to get the salt out again, have a small scoop that you can carry with you as you go down your steps.  This can help you as the salt will immediately give you traction as it starts to melt the ice.  If you live in an apartment complex, you may want to check with maintenance or the front office to find out how early they are out to salt and clear the parking lot and try to make your plans accordingly so that you have the least worries about getting out and about safely.

Another neat trick that I learned from a dear friend is to keep the snow and ice off your windshield.  She has a nice blue tarp that you can pick up at any hardware store, you fold it in half and place the folded corners inside the passenger side and driver side doors. Then to hold it down you take two half-gallon or gallon jugs with water in them, tie a small piece of rope through the handles and through the holes at the other end of the tarp (the grommets).  This will keep the tarp down, it covers your wipers too keeping those nice and clean!  It’s much easier and safer to take this tarp off and put it in your car in the morning than it is to have to clear snow and ice.

What are your tips and tricks to make the winter safer for you and your loved ones?



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