Long Term Care Planning

November is full of awareness – diabetes, lung cancer/COPD, The Great American Smoke Out, and Alzheimer’s.  BUT did you know it is also Long-Term Care Planning month?

Do you have a long-term care plan in place for your loved ones? For yourself?  There are many websites available to help you make these decisions and I will link you to several at the end of this post.

Some of the key points to think about would include family history, did your grandma have Alzheimer’s? Was there cancer issues in your family tree?  Do you prefer to have someone stay with you in your home? Do you want your children to care for you? Perhaps you also need to discuss finances and possibly meet with a financial planner in order to set up a trust or estate account rather than keeping in your name or your loved one’s name.

There is an increase in technological devices to help you or your loved one stay at home longer, obviously one of those would be our life assist system, which consists of a base unit that contacts our call center and a button that is worn on the wrist or around the neck to signal the base unit.  There are also a wide variety of scooters, chair lifts, and medicine reminders available for use.  These are all things that people might need a little help with as they get older.

What else have you seen on the market that would be useful as we age?

National Clearing House for Long-Term Care Information – http://www.longtermcare.gov/LTC/Main_Site/Index.aspx

Medicare’s Long-Term Care page – http://www.medicare.gov/longtermcare/static/home.asp

National Care Planning Council – http://www.longtermcarelink.net/

Care Conversations – http://careconversations.org/home.aspx


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